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About Us

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Together We Thrive Counseling (TWTC) provides in-home therapeutic services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Our clinicians are trained to utilize techniques that are intended to strengthen, preserve and provide stability.  Our trained clinicians utilize interventions to restore or maintain the youth and family’s overall functioning. TWTC will offer an array of interventions such as psychoeducation, cognitive therapy, strength-based and solution focused approaches, task-centered approach, and behavioral therapy. Our clinicians value the importance of empowering individuals and families.  

TWTC want to improve your mental wellness, enhance your relationships, improve your overall wellbeing, and develop a stronger sense of self-acceptance and awareness.  Our team focus on:

-Academic Underachievement

-Anger Management



-Bipolar Depression


-Conduct Disorder


-Emotional Regulations


-Identity Development 

-Mood Disorder

-Peer/Sibling Conflict

-Parent-Child Conflict


-Relationships Issues

-Self-Esteem Issues


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